About Us

Planet Love is still a small family business operating the snowy hills around Buffalo in the Hamlet of West Falls. Tanya Zabinski is our artist and her husband Joe DiPasquale is her partner.

Beliefs & Philosophy The commercial images on clothing produced by big business leave us feeling empty. Tanya’s images try to speak to a deeper, more meaningful level.

Planet Love clothing is art for people. We want to create artwork that speaks to the soul, using natural materials and excellent workmanship, in a people-friendly environment. We work to cultivate a sense of purpose, community & abundance.

In an era of globalization and mega multi-national corporations, Planet Love is a small, thriving, grassroots family business.

Thanks to you, our valued customers for supporting our work. This support allows us to spread our little bit of beauty throughout the world.

Globalize Love!

Thank you!
Tanya & Joe

Planet Love
357 Old Glenwood Rd
West Falls, NY 14170
Fax/phone 716.652.1274

Water-Based Inks

We at Planet Love use only machine-washable, water-based inks to print our clothing. We believe these inks are better for Mother Earth, for us, the printers, and for you, the wearer.

Organic t-shirts

Planet Love also offers a line of organic t-shirts. There are no pesticides or herbicides used in the growing or manufacturing of this fabric.

Send Us Your Photo Send us a photo of yourself in Planet Love clothing. Please provide a brief description of the photo. E-mail photos are fine but must be at least 90dpi.


Planet Love clothing is available for your group or school fundraiser. We supply you with catalogs and web information you make the sales and receive 30% of sales. We’ll even print the name or logo on the back of shirts if people want. Drop us a line for more information.